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Reality is not the enemy of truth; truth is never harmed by reality. Reality can be despised and what is untrue can be embraced, by depising the one cannot make it false, and embracing the other cannot make it true.
-Archbishop Lazar

History and Sin

A pondering by Vladika Lazar

Science is less the "enemy" of Fundamentalism than is history. We might bear in mind, for example, that the so-called "seven deadly sin" commonly taught in Western catechisms were all things that were necessary for survival in the hunter-gatherer epoch of human history. These became "sins" when agriculture brought people into village and community life where crops had to be shared carefully, and various aspects of egoism and individual freedoms had to be curtailed for the sake of survival. At the same time, settled communal life began the evolution of inequality and caste. It was under the developments of the State and empires, with all-powerful rulers and predatory aristocracy (the wealthy) that prophets, among the earliest, Zarathustra, began the struggle for the recognition of personhood and social justice --- a theme common to all the great prophets of Israel.

Moralism and submission became tools of control and manipulation. Social problems and social issues can never, ever be resolved by moralism. Humanity is essentially good and essentially oriented toward genuine morality. At the same time, we have elements that remain from our evolution that oppose our evolved and natural concepts of moraliity. Perhaps this is why the simple, straightforward moral imperatives of Christ are the only real answer to our moral quandaries.

Civil law has to deal with those quandaries that cannot otherwise be resolved. Social justice is an imperative of true morality, but it is one which Rightwing religious people oppose, and sometimes vehemently. In general, whatever variety of predatory aristocracy rules will use moralism and religious fear as a tool to control and manipulate those being victimised by that aristocracy of wealth. It is disconcerting to see that what people consider to be "personal immorality" or a neurotic focus on often petty sexual impropriety dominates the discourse while the concentration of wealth in the hands of people who do and can afford to do the most abominable things, while impoverishing the majority of humans, are not considered to be immoral, no matter how much damage they do to humanity or to their nation.

In Christ, Vladika Lazar.

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