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I have been confused, wondering why the feasts of Saint Xenia of Rome and Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg are celebrated on the same day.


In a way, you have answered your own question. Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg [18 century] was, in her baptism, named after Saint Xenia of Rome [5 century]. Their memory is celebrated on the same day, that is, on 24 January. In the Traditional Orthodox calendar, this day actually falls on 6 February. Let it not be confusing---just remember to add 13 days to whatever date you might have in mind, and you will have the proper traditional date. {The best example is Nativity which is celebrated on 25 December. Add 13 days and you will arrive at 7 January, which is when the majority of Orthodox Christians world wide celebrate this feast}. By the way, the name Xenia is derived from the Greek and it means "stranger" or "foreigner".

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